Bruce Willis has delivered some of the most iconic and best loved one-liners over the years - lines that have cemented him as a fan favourite and a movie hardman.

Bruce Willis In Die Hard

Bruce Willis In Die Hard

We take a look at some of his best lines as he is set to return in The Prince, which is released on Blu-Ray and DVd 29th December.

1. 'Yippee ki-yay motherfucker' - John McClane, Die Hard (1988)

Fun Fact: The role of John McClane was offered to a host of actors before Willis including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gere, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and even Burt Reynolds.

2. 'The United States government just asked us to save the world. Anybody wanna say no?' - Harry Stamper, Armageddon (1998)

Fun Fact: Bruce Willis had a picture of his daughters in front of him to help him cry during his goodbye to Grace.

3. 'This is the '90s. You don't just go around punching people. You have to say something cool first' - Joe Hallenbeck, The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Fun Fact: Willis' character Joe mentions "reindeer goat cheese pizza", which Willis also mentioned in Hudson Hawk (1991).

4. 'Oh, wouldn't it be great if I WAS crazy? Then the world would be okay.' - James Cole, 12 Monkeys (1995)

Fun Fact: Terry Gilliam gave Bruce Willis a list of "Willis acting clichés" not to be used during the film, including the "steely blue eyes look".

5. 'Somebody call the waahmbulance!' Russ Duritz, The Kid (2000)

Fun Fact: Daniel von Bargen who plays Russ Duritz's father Sam is only five years older than Willis.

6. 'It doesn't matter how many people I've killed. What matters is how I get along with the people who are still alive.' - Jimmy Tudeski, The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

Fun Fact: As a result of a bet lost on the set, Bruce Willis agreed to do a guest appearance on Friends (1994) for free; giving his pay for the episode to charity.

7. 'Days change, seasons change, people don't change.' - Detective Jack Mosley, 16 Blocks (2006)

Fun Fact: In order to make Detective Jack Mosley's limp look realistic on screen, Bruce Willis put a pebble in his shoe and kept it there throughout the length of the shoot.

8. 'Listen lady, I only speak two languages: English and bad English' - Korben Dallas, The Fifth Element (1997)

Fun Fact: This famous quote was never in the script and was actually completely ad-libbed by Willis.

9. 'Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead' Butch Coolidge, Pulp Fiction (1994)

Fun Fact: When Bruce Willis escapes the pawn shop, he sees a neon sign that says 'Killian's Red', but as some of the letters are missing it reads 'Kill ed'.

Picking up Zed's keys, Butch looks at the 'Z' on the keyring, subliminally spelling out 'Kill Zed'. It's then that Butch goes back to save Marcellus.

10. 'People who have their limbs amputated, still feel pain in that limb even though it's not there. That's the pain I feel.' - Omar, The Prince (2014)

Fun Fact: The Prince is the third film that Bruce Willis and 50 Cent have starred in together.

The Prince is released on Blu-Ray and DVD on 29th December.

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