Jamie Foxx in White House Down

Jamie Foxx in White House Down

Jamie Foxx is back on the big screen this week as he teams up with Channing Tatum for action blockbuster White House Down; which sees Roland Emmerich in the director's chair.

To celebrate the release of the film and Foxx's return we take a look at some of the best movies of his career... so far!!!


When you are looking at Jamie Foxx's career you really have to start with Ray; it was the performance that earnt his a Best Actor Oscar.

Ray hit the big screen in 2005 and followed the life of Ray Charles; from his tough upbringing and the early loss of his sight to being a music superstar.

This proved to be Foxx's breakout role as he delivered a knockout performance from start to finish; he really did get under the skin of this character.

Foxx is just mesmerising in this role and it came as no surprise to see him totally dominate the awards season. He was the hot favourite for the Best Actor Oscar and he waltz away with the prize.

Django Unchained

Foxx teamed up with director Quentin Tarantino for the first time this year for Django Unchained.

The movie followed a slave who, with the help of bounty hunter Dr King Schultz, sets out to rescue his wife.

Django Unchained was one of the movies not to miss at the beginning of the year as Foxx lead an all star cast, that included Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington.

And it was another terrific performance from Foxx in this bloody and violent movie.

But it is Foxx's chemistry with Washington that is one of the best things about this movie, as it is these two actors that really do keep the emotional element of the movie strong throughout.

The movie went on to be nominated for five Oscars; including Best Picture. It would win Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Waltz.

The Soloist

In 2009 Foxx teamed up with Robert Downey Jr in Joe Wright's first American film The Soloist.

Based on the book by Steve Lopez the movie followed a Los Angeles journalist who befriends a homeless man. He turns out to be a Juilliard-trained musician battling mental illness.

The Soloist manages to avoid all of the traps that Hollywood usually falls into when tackling mental illness on film. The transformation that Foxx goes under is astounding while his performance is both heartbreaking and powerful.

Foxx and Downey Jr work beautifully together and they keep the sentimentality that could really drip from this story firmly at bay; choosing in stead to concentrate on the two central characters.

Foxx really did embrace a very challenging role and delivers another fantastic turn.


The year that Jamie Foxx won the Best Actor Oscar for Ray he could have done the double, as he was also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his performance in Collateral.

The crime thriller saw the actor team up with Tom Cruise and director Michael Mann; together they delivered a powerful and violent movie.

Jamie Foxx plays a cab driver Max who picks up contract killer Vincent. Held as a hostage Max must drive Vincent from one hit to another during one night in L.A.

Collateral was one of 2004's best crime thrillers as it was tense and atmospheric from start to finish.

It's not often you see depth in a movie like this, but both Foxx and Cruise delivered exactly that.


Sam Mendes returned to the director's chair in 2006 as he brought the novel of the same name to the big screen.

The film is based on Marine Anthony Swofford's memoir about his pre-Desert Storm experience.

Foxx takes on the role of Staff Sgt. Sykes in the film, and while he is not the main character in the film he is a pivotal figure.

This is rather an understated performance from Foxx but he does provide some of the comic element to the film.

Jarhead may not be a war movie that it packed with action and yet it is engrossing and intriguing all the same.


Jamie Foxx may not have been a huge character in Michael Mann's biopic Ali and yet he delivers another great performance.

Released in 2002 the movie saw Foxx take on the role of Drew 'Bundini' Brown; Ali's loyal trainer.

It was an uncanny impersonation that Foxx delivered as he had clearly studied Brown and played him to a T.

This may have been a small role for Foxx but he really did show that he was an actor to keep an eye on... and that turned out to be true.

Other great performances from Foxx include Any Given Sunday, The Kingdom, Dreamgirls and comedy Horrible Bosses.

White House Down is released 13th September.

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