Cuba Cuba are:
Morgan Isaac  Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Danny Owen Keys, Guitar, Vocals
Sion Fenwick Guitar, Vocals
Mike McCabe Bass, Vocals
Lewys Isaac Drums, Vocals

Cardiff, Wales. After a winter in the studio Welsh upstarts Cuba Cuba return with their debut album ‘Where Else Is Safe But The Road?’. Produced by Todd Campbell (Straight Lines / Tiger Please) and mixed by Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner/The Holloways), the album beautifully captures the bands blend of angular pop rock.

A reverberant collection of songs inspired by the adventures of life, ‘Where Else Is Safe But The Road?’ explores the balance between fact and fiction. The album’s title is no coincidence, emphasising an underlying theme present throughout the record the road, be it actual or metaphorical is safe, guarded. Straying off that road well, who knows where you might end up.

Opening song, Building Blocks, is an intense and insightful passage into the beautifully intrinsic tracks that the album has to offer. 50 A Night demonstrates the softer pop/rock fusion that the band so readily propagate and We Rode is an anthem stadium fillers would be proud of. Closing track Away Part 2 is an eerie ode to the past and the roads travelled, with a haunting resonance and an impressive guest vocal appearance from Tiger Please front man, Leon Stanford.

Vocalist Morgan Isaac states of the album It begins with songs relating to home and our childhoods. It’s an examination of our dreams and how they panned out as we grew, as both individuals but also as band. It’s personal, but it’s about life. Something everyone can relate to.

1. Building Blocks
2. Outlines
3. 50 a Night
4. Golden Grounds
5. We Rode
6. Hong Kong
7. Home is The Fire
8. Away (pt 1)
9. Pride Rock
10. Depth
11. Away (pt 2) (feat. Leon Stanford of Tiger Please)