Multi-Grammy and CMA award winning duo, Sugarland, are set to release their first UK album via Decca Records, ‘The Incredible Machine’, on February 7th 2011.

A country record. A pop record. A ballad record. But above all, an authentic record. ‘The Incredible Machine’ is a soaring album elevated by sky-high choruses, ringing guitars and pulsing drums that recall the beating of the album’s titular engine, the human heart.

Selling a whopping 8 million albums in the US across their last three albums, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have described Incredible Machine as “a collection of anthems”.

From the fanfare of the album’s opener ‘All We Are’ to Jennifer’s sublime piano-ballad closer ‘Shine the Light’, this is an album built for stadiums. “When you have an instrument as powerful and as graceful as Jennifer’s voice, you don’t want to tip-toe in. You really go for it!,” explains Kristian.

The joyous ‘Find the Beat Again’ sees Jennifer reminds us that nothing lasts forever, while Kristian’s siren-like guitar sound—a technique he adapted from The Clash, he says—pushes the song toward its climax.

‘Stand Up’, in which the band exhorts listeners to “use your voice” is a tale of personal empowerment. It’s also one of two songs on the album to showcase Kristian’s voice. “I don’t know how many people have really ever heard me sing before,” he says. “For fans of the band, it’s like a whole new layer is peeled back.”

‘All We Are’ is equally triumphant. A rallying cry, it culminates in a mass of melodies folding upon one another. The result is breathtaking and solidifies the duo’s ability to write complex fare as well as breezy tunes such as the first single ‘Stuck like Glue’, out January 31st.

“We write songs for different reasons. There are some songs that we want to change your life and there are some that we just want to change your day. That’s what ‘Stuck like Glue’ is,” Jennifer laughs.