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We do love our boy bands and all male groups, and this year has seen an influx of even more with the introductions of Rixton, Kingsland Road and Concept to name just a few. Of course, with the new comes the veterans, and we've decided to take a look at some of our favourite tracks from the boy bands we've been enjoying for more than just a short while.

One Direction - Story Of My Life

I never thought I'd see the day where I'd genuinely enjoy a One Direction track. Laced with emotion and going deeper than any of the songs they've put out in the past, 'Story Of My Life' proved that One Direction do deserve the immense success they've seen so far. When the fivesome aren't bouncing around the beach to a generic beat or taking pot shots at The Wanted, but instead working their vocals in a ballad that can resonate with both teenagers and those of us who're older, they're on to something magic. It's a travesty that it never managed to reach number one in the UK.

Lawson - Juliet

This track explores the story of a gold-digging beauty that lives her life through other men's money - portrayed by model Kelly Brook in the brilliant music video. What Lawson did with their sixth single was reach number three on the UK, Scottish and Polish charts, showing that they have exactly what it takes to play ball with the larger competitors in the industry. If given a chance, Lawson could see fans from all over the globe added to their camp - they're refreshing in that they can be called a 'true band', as they all play their own instruments.

The Wanted - Show Me Love (America)

Another fantastic ballad from five guys who'd do better if they didn't respond to the baiting from members of other boy bands. They're all extremely talented with some fantastic vocals, and Nathan Sykes has done well to recover so quickly from vital throat surgery. Would hate to believe the news that they're close to being dropped from their label, as their legacy seems to only just be starting - a disappointing period of time for the group, but the only way is up from here.

Union J - Beautiful Life

Perhaps most surprising this year was this song from the X Factor group Union J. After finishing in fourth place on the reality talent competition, we didn't expect them to make as much of an impact on the industry as they've already managed to do - and we're thankful that we were wrong! Beautiful Life is sweet - lifted from their debut album - and a track that means a lot to the members of the band.

While we hope these four groups continue to put out fantastic music into 2014, part of us can't wait to see what awaits those artists just beginning to come into their own, hopeful about paving their way into the business. Long live the boy band.

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