Over the last year we have had a fantastic crop of albums, but the world of music never sits still. It's an occupational hazard.

So as we’ve wistfully glanced gazed over our shoulder at 2012’s best and brightest and handed out our prizes, it’s now time to look ahead and have a quick rundown of some our most anticipated albums of 2013.


There are only a few singers who could get away with just one name. Beyoncé is easily at the very top of that category.

After the rather unoriginally titled 4 was released in 2011, Beyoncé’s had a bit of a busy time, venturing into the uncharted waters of motherhood. Lately though, Beyoncé’s obsession with picture sharing website Instagram has given away the fact that she’s headed back into the studio.

With a brilliant list of collaborations in the works for this, as yet untitled, album, it looks like it’s going to be one heck of a ride for Beyoncé’s legions of fans. She might even be getting the music recluse that is Justin Timberlake back into the studio. Now that would be a feat worth celebrating.

Lady Gaga – Artpop

Lady GaGa has become a musical icon, a figure of love for millions and to many Madonna’s heir. She blew the pop competition away when she unleashed The Fame onto the world, creating a set of tracks so catchy and expansive that no-one could live with her.

While Born This Way must be chalked up as a disappointment (well, the first, repetitive half at least), we’ve got plenty of hope that the oddest girl in pop can amaze us all again like she did with her debut album The Fame.

We have faith GaGa, don’t let us down!

Imogen Heap

Many regard her as the mother of the ‘synth-pop’ wave that’s become so intertwined with the charts. Imogen Heap might not have ever quite gotten the chart success or mainstream recognition that she deserves, but she’s easily one of the UK’s best female vocalists.

Next year sees the music maker make a full comeback album, with her fourth studio effort set to hit shelves sometime next year.

Over the last year, she’s been experimenting with ‘Heapsongs’, an attempt to create records out of 900 musical ‘seeds’. These ranged from samples of the mundane to

The Grammy winner appears to have lost none of her ingenuity or guile and we just can’t wait to hear what she has to say next.

Kanye West

While it’s yet to be announced whether a fifth solo studio album is on the cards for 2013 or not, we’re hoping that it is.

Yes the man’s a massive egotist and can sometimes come off as obnoxious. When he’s this good at what he does though, it’s hard to hate Kanye. So far, Kanye’s been at the bleeding edge of rap, pulling the game along when it’s been dragging its heels and making everyone else look positively stale and out of date.

With four brilliant albums under his belt, we can’t wait to see what Kanye’s got up his sleeve this time and whether it can stand toe to toe with the incredible My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Diana Vickers

When she was on the X Factor, Diana Vickers’ ‘indie pixie’ shtick got a little tired. So we were very, very pleased when our low expectations were blown out of the water when her debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree turned out to be one of the freshest pure-pop albums of 2010.

Now she’s back, and from what’s leaked out so far, Diana appears to have gone from strength to strength. With fantastically crisp vocals and a lovely sprinkling of electro, all the current signs point towards Diana massively reinforcing what made her debut such a wonderful surprise.

James Arthur

After narrowly missing out on Christmas number one, we want James Arthur to take some time away from the spotlight and have a crack at doing something original and come up with an album that really reflects what James Arthur stands for.

We don’t want a rushed album full of covers, no matter how inventive they tend to be. Just let him go away for a bit, write some tracks that are indicative of the style that we could come to expect from the man.

Come on X Factor lot, don’t harass him, don’t push him into a slot, let him do what he wants and create the album he really wants to. He’s earned that right at least.

Gabrielle Aplin

Up until a few weeks ago, only her group of online devotes knew the name of Gabrielle Aplin. Now, thanks to a rather adventurous snowman, her name has become one on everybody’s lips. And for very good reason.

Her debut album English Rain is set to be released in April and is set to prove that she’s more than just a one hit wonder; with the few tracks she’s released so far being utterly gorgeous and captivating.

With a voice of incredible delicacy and sweetness, Gabrielle’s is a debut we just can’t wait to get our grubby little hands on.


What album are you massively looking forward to in the next year? Let us know in the comment section below.


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