Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

With A$AP Rocky finally releasing his full debut album next week, we’ve had a look through the release schedule for this year and nailed down which other debut albums we can’t wait for in 2013.


They broke through to the mainstream last year and now look to capitalise on their success with their debut album Bad Blood coming out in March.

While the 1980s synth pop revival shows no sights of slowing down, Bastille has emerged as one of the standout acts to come from the new wave of talent. Their mix of retro sound and lead singer Dan Smith’s wonderfully soulful vocal is utterly beguiling and make them one of the most exciting pop prospects of the year.

The band’s wickedly creative streak has already been shown through their online releases and it’s just another reason why we’ve had the release of Bad Blood marked up on our calendars for quite some time.


One of the most exciting musical duos of 2013, AlunaGeorge is a name on many people’s lips and we can’t wait to see what they come up with for a debut collection of tracks.

So far they’ve experimented all over the electronic spectrum, mixing all sorts of technological trickery with Aluna Francis’ sugar sweet vocal with nearly unilateral brilliance and critical acclaim, finishing runners up in the BBC’s Sound of 2013 award.

The incredible thing about AlunaGeorge so far is how composed and confident their music sounds, even when it was just distributed around the internet. What they’ll do with the canvas of a full album should be something to behold.

Sky Ferreira

The American singer has been putting out EPs for the last couple of years, but finally in 2013 we’ll get a full album from her.

From the oh-so-brief Ghosts she released at the tail end of last year, we can already tell that her supposedly ‘Blondie inspired’ album I’m Not Alright is going to be one to remember, with Ferreira proving that she’s not just horribly capable at larger than life pop, but in the form of Sad Dream can pull off a stripped back melody with consummate ease.

A$AP Rocky

One of the brightest up and coming rappers out there A$AP Rocky’s debut is set to make waves in the hip hop world. A real internet success story, he secured a $3 million record deal off the back of publically releasing his full length mix tape for free online.

It’s been nearly two years since he released LiveLoveA$AP online, but finally after a series of delays, LongLiveA$AP is one of the most exciting rap albums scheduled for 2013.

Rocky’s demonstrated a massive amount of charisma in his mix tape, something that if he can carry it over to his oft delayed debut album, should make it something not to trifled with in a genre aching for a new breakout voice.

It may be a bit early to call him the successor to Jay-Z’s throne, but if his debut album’s a step up from his exceptional mix tape, then the tag might be one that gets permanently sewn on to him.


The girl group is trying to make a comeback. Stooshe are one of those leading the vanguard into 2013 and they’re lloking good to outdo Little Mix in their private little battle.

So far they’ve been a breath of fresh air, a bundle of quintessentially British fun that the pop world has been without for quite some time.

Any girl group asked to tackle TLC’s Waterfalls by the band themselves are worth watching, and although it was meant to drop in 2012, the delays have simply made their debut album one of 2013’s most anticipated debuts.

Tom Odell

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Tom Odell and trust us, it won’t be the last.

He just wandered off with the Critic’s Choice Award, becoming the first guy to get the award in its brief history and his debut album is one of the most anticipated efforts of the year.

If this EP is any statement of intent, we’ve got a heart-breaking anthology of tracks in store for us later this year, rich in piano based angst and vocals so tender you wonder how they could ever survive out in the wild.

The comparisons to Jeff Buckley aren’t just a coincidence you know.


What debuts can’t you wait to hear? Let us know in the comments section.

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