Pearl Future

Pearl Future

"Whatever satisfies the soul is truth!" And that is exactly what Pearl Future will tell you about anything you happen to be into. For her, that thing is music, but she loves dreams in general (especially big ones!) and so will be a cheerleader for anything that is backed by soul... or love. She is a big sucker for love. Big sucker for fun. Big sucker for studio gear and shoes. All in all, she is a very cool girl. The only warning: just don't tell her what to do.

Part ingénue and part boss-lady, Pearl Future takes control of her musical dreams with the above motto as her guide. There isn't a time in her life she remembers that music wasn't calling to her and she started singing and song writing very early. By 14 she was recording her own songs in studios, and by 16 she could engineer her own sessions.

The unfortunate loss of her father (a single parent) at age 17 required her to figure out how to live on her own sooner than expected, and with no money for college she decided to pursue her dream of making music. From a suburb in Sacramento, she made a move to San Francisco.

Using her music editing (and cleaning) skills, Pearl started to intern at mostly hip-hop recording studios in order to gain more experience in music production. Within a year she had caught the attention of a Bay Area producer who had started a label with rap superstar Richie Rich, and in 2003 they signed her to a single album deal. The rhythmic pop project was released, but suffered from company mismanagement and was not promoted.

Luckily, the experience increased her understanding of the highly volatile world of the music business, and for the next couple years Pearl continued developing her song writing, singing and production skills in Los Angeles while continuing to work as an engineer and editor on music and film sound sessions.

While in LA she was also further developed by A&R Worldwide, an independent music artist development company (and producer of the MUSEXPO music conference) who helped her define her sound and stage performance skills.

Now, fresh from her experiences there, Pearl Future is back in the SF Bay Area and working with producer Super Dave of the Nkredables on an album of exceptionally crafted rhythmic mainstream pop songs, which she is set to release independently in Spring 2009. At 24, she has learned to navigate some interesting waters and has honed formidable bravery skills to go with her other attributes. Her story continues....