Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Olly Murs took over Amazon's Music Twitter account this morning for an hour, answering questions.

An interesting note was, when asked whether he'd tour in Asia, Olly replied: "Hopefully in 2012 I'll be nipping over..."

He also commented on his upcoming new album, saying: "My new album has developed since the first it's a much more mature record. But it's still cheeky."

Olly is, as we all know, the current host of The Xtra Factor, something he said was a little intimidating.

"Yes I was really nervous about becoming a host of the Xtra Factor, he admitted, but added that he's "loving it".

For all the ladies, Olly also gave a bit of advice: "How to woo me? You need to be funny, cool dress sense and can put up with my singing in the shower."

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