Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

The Rankin-shot video for Sky Ferreira’s debut single was launched at the weekend and has already been greeted with great acclaim, with one reviewer claiming it has “an Alice In Wonderland goes to the psychiatric ward vibe”.

Already debuted on Radio 1 to a great audience response, ‘One’ is an instant classic; a pop anthem of shimmering power sprinkled with insistent hooks, coupled with Sky’s own irrepressible playfulness. It’s now being released as a single on August 23rd.

‘One’ is the first taste of Sky's debut album, due for release later this year, which sees the birth of a new pop superstar; mixing the dark heart of Blondie, the rock’n’roll edge of Courtney Love, the sexiness of a Prince protégé and the knowing sassiness of early Madonna. Not bad for a girl who’s just 17.

This is the sound of 2010, the start of something big, the moment you first heard Sky Ferreira... and you fell in love!

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