Indie is pretty much the new craze these days, just like slinkies and those tamagotchis once were (remember them?) so it must be pretty hard for artists to flop with so many self-proclaimed indie goers snapping up their records right? Wrong!

2007 and 2008 may have brought us cool new indie bands that make us sweat with excitement, but many of them failed to make the grade in 2009, who were they you ask? Well, we'll tell you...

Little Boots

To say that Little Boots was heralded as the next best thing for 2009, we expected to see much more of her than we, erm, actually did. Infact, Little Boots, where are you?

She was compared to the likes of Lady Gaga, Ladyhawke and La Roux but failed to make it to the top with them. Although she has managed to grab onto two top20 hits, we expected more from Victoria Hesketh, especially in terms of album sales. What happened?


Frankmusik paid for all those annoying adverts on Spotify, and they didn't seem to work. We can vaguely remember one of his songs playing on the club scene for nothing short of a week, but Frankmusik's debut album 'Complete me,' peaked at number 13 in the charts, and at 88 in Ireland. (Ouch!)

He did a short tour in 2009 to promote the album, however when sales didn't pick up he announced a more extensive tour for November and December 09. His new album is due out sometime this year - so let's hope people buy it, even if it is out of sympathy.

The Twang

In 2007, The Twang were cool. Their first album went to number three and their singles had instant success, They'd already won everybody over, all they had to do was bring out a second album that was just as good to keep their bustling army of fans.

In 2009, Jewellery Quarter went in at number 20 and single "Barney Rubble" managed to only make it as a song used by ITV to show football league tables. Brilliant.

The Twang officially flopped in 2009.


Australian band 'Jet,' didn't fend too well in the UK this year, or anywhere other than Australia really. Jet have that one song that was really good that we all dance to indie clubs, 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl,' but since then they have proved to be nothing but a one hit wonder.

Although their Australian sales seem to be staying at the same level, not much can be said about their UK sales, their single released in 2009 titled "She's a Genius," only managed a peak position of 124 in the UK charts.

Dan Black

The BBC hailed Dan Black as one of the 15 rising stars for 2009, but his album failed to impress the critics. The Observer described it as, "Bland," and NME claimed that, "despite the new year hype, there's little substance on the synthpoppers debut." Needless to say, the album didn't do as well as everyone had hoped.

Bat For Lashes

Bat For Lashes is another artist who's name was buzzing around people's mouths in 2008, but 2009 saw a year that was not as good as we all expected. Although her album did manage to peak at number five, her singles flopped in record numbers barely making it into the top30.

The album also failed to make the top ten anywhere other than England and peaked in at 141 in the US. 2009 was not a bad year for Natasha Kahn, but it definitely wasn't a good one either.

Popmatters described the album by saying: "the weaker songs are definitely not throwaways, but they miss the mark in more than one way." However, despite the bad critics, the Album, Two Suns, managed to be nominated for the Mercury Prize Award.

Let's hope that she can pull it out of the bag for 2010 and secure a top ten single.

VV Brown

Named as the artist to watch in 2009 by the Independent, the BBC and the Los Angeles Times, VV Brown was expected to make our jaws drop and impress us something rotten, but she didn't.

The album peaked at a measley number 30 in the charts, and the singles failed to make it into the top ten.

Female First

Jennifer Dixon

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