The Beatles

The Beatles


In 1957, at a church fete in Liverpool, there was a chance meeting between two men who happened to become the best song-writing partnership the world has ever seen.

A 16 year old John Lennon and his then band, ‘The Quarrymen’ were playing at the fete and at the church in the evening, where he was introduced by his bass player, to classmate Paul McCartney. The rest, as they say, is history. 

The pair played at Liverpool’s famous ‘Cavern Club’ that same year and continued to delight their adoring fans with their live shows for years.

By 1961, George Harrison became a member of the group, which changed its name to ‘The Beatles’ and continued to play at their favourite haunt.

In 1962, Ringo Starr completed the line-up we all know today as ‘The Fab Four’ and the Beatles burst onto the pop scene with debut single ‘Love Me Do.’

They changed music forever. With their unique brand of rock n roll, suave fashion sense, and of course, those haircuts, the Beatles are now seen as one of the most influential bands of all time.

Catchy records visiting themes of love and peace captured the world’s imagination. The band was the epitome of youth.

1963 saw the release of the Beatles’ biggest selling single ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ which sold over 5 million copies in America alone.

The Beatles did it all; dabbling in fashion, film, literature and art and made a lasting impression not only on music, but on world popular culture entirely.

Today the band can boast 1billion record sales, making them the bestselling group in history.  By 2001, the group’s success in America alone amounted to 163.5million in album sales.

Notching up Multi-Platinum, Platinum, Gold and Silver awards both sides of the Atlantic and with a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Beatles are mavericks in the field of music.

After the death of manager Brian Epstein in August 1967, tensions bubbled within the group and continued to do so until, in 1970.

12 albums later and after enduring almost a decade as the most desirable group on the planet, the Beatles split up leaving one of the most legendary rock legacies in their wake.


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