Ellie Goulding makes it top of the list.

Ellie Goulding makes it top of the list.

With music comebacks from The Arcade Fire and Ellie Goulding, 2011 looks like it will bring more Indie hits to our ears.

Top 10 Indie Albums of 2010

1. Ellie Goulding- “Lights” has been one of the most anticipated albums of 2010. After winning BBC’s Sound of 2010, Ellie has had the pressure to please Indie audiences but not only did she achieve it, the album has received enormous praise from the industry. Includes her new single, a commendable cover of Elton John’s ballad: “Your Song”.

2. The Arcade Fire- “The Suburbs” is the fantastic new album from Canadians The Arcade Fire. Since the release it has been a success along with their performance at Reading Festival earlier this year, one of the most talked about performances of 2010. If you haven’t listened to this album, then it’s essential you do.

3. Vampire Weekend- Contra is the stunning new album from Vampire Weekend. There isn’t a lot this band can do wrong as the album is full of twists, turns and energy so versatile, it will appeal to anybody. If Indie music isn’t your style, Vampire Weekend may just be the band to sway you. The album also includes their new single “Holiday”.

4. Interpol- “Interpol” is their new, self titled album. Released in September of this year, and includes their single “Barricade” it’s already had good reviews from critics. Interpol are currently on tour sending waves of promotion for the album. With more dates set for 2011, listen to the album and join in with the Interpol revolution.

5. The Futureheads- “The Chaos” which was released in April reached number three in the UK Indie Charts. From the very beginning this band have impressed audiences with their live performances and production of their music. Although no tour has been scheduled for 2011, The Futureheads will have a big demand to do so.

6. Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles II is the second album from the band which was released in April of 2010, which was due to be released in June but because of a high demand and a leaked track online, the date was moved forward and they are still in demand now. With a world tour beginning in February 2011, and a collection of experimental tracks, it wouldn’t be a surprise if another album is in the works. Watch this space.

7. Foals- “Total Life Forever” was released in May of this year and is the most chilled out album of the top 10. They’re currently touring around the world.

8. One Night Only- Their self titled album was released in August. The album includes their single “Say You Don’t Want It” which featured actress Emma Watson in the music video, causing attention to be all on them. There is no tour currently in the pipeline but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them at festivals in 2011, so keep and eye out for festival line ups.

9. Belle and Sebastian- “Write About Love” was released in October and has been sending shockwaves through the industry. This mellow and fun album has everything you would expect from an experimental band.

10. Manic Street Preachers- “Postcards From A Young Man” is the new album from these Indie legends. Similar to their old stuff but can never be dated. A masterpiece worth listening to. Lets hope they’re up for touring in 2011.

Naomi Havergal

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