You're Average Festival.... By Andy Squire

You're Average Festival.... By Andy Squire

With V and Reading around the corner, festivals are continuing to grip the nation this summer. Over 137,000 festival goers have already donned their wellies at Glastonbury and over 3 million people in total are expected to head to one of the 500 festivals being in held in the UK alone.

Glastonbury 2009 saw a decrease in crime compared to last year, however there were still a reported 271* crimes that did take place, acting as a warning to other festival goers not to fall victim to theft. Fortunately there are measures you can take to keep your valuables protected and if the worst happens, ensure you are properly covered.

According to Aviva, it’s not unusual for many people to take over  £500 worth of valuable personal belongings, including mobile phones, mp3 players, Blackberries and jewellery. Add to this cash, credit cards, tents and sleeping equipment and you’re on your way to nearly £1000 worth of valuables per person.

All your valuables as well as camping gear like tents, cooking equipment and binoculars can be covered under the Personal Belongings section of your home policy. This means you are covered anywhere in the world if your belongings are lost, damaged or stolen.

While the organisers of festivals are taking measures to minimize crime, there are steps that individuals can take to protect their personal belongings.

Tips for festival-goers

•Do you really need to take all your valuables? If you’re going in a group you won’t all need an iPod

•Separate cash from cards and only take one bank/credit card if you can

•Use the lock-up areas provided by the festival organisers or ensure personal belongings are kept close and within sight

•Take cheaper costume jewellery if you want to go bling, rather than the cherished engagement ring. Lost or stolen jewellery can be claimed for if you have Personal Belongings cover but it’s often of irreplaceable sentimental value

•Don’t flash the cash or the expensive hi-tech gadgets

•Keep valuables with you at all times and never leave them unattended in a tent or car because insurance companies will expect you to take reasonable care of your belongings

•Take a cross-body bag, not one that can be grabbed from your shoulder

•Report any lost or stolen belongings to the police as soon as you can, as you will need a crime reference number to give to your insurer

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