Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris took the whole Jedward debacle into his own hands this weekend after storming the X factor stage whilst clutching a pineapple to his head during John & Edwards performance… but what do YOU think about it?

The fact that a nutter with a pineapple managed to leap from the audience, onto the stage before doing a little dance, might have lead to a few lax security guards getting a telling off - but we’ve got to say, we loved it.

Whilst John and Edward seemed completely oblivious to the fact that the fellow running around the stage was actually music legend Calvin Harris, I almost feel off my chair laughing  - partly because I actually thought it was the boys’ latest publicity stunt!

The music producer had been invited onto the show to take part in The Xtra Factor - but after he had become sick of the way the show had turning into more of a joke than a singing competition, she decided to show the world how much of a farce it was.

Twitter, Calvin explained via Twitter (where else); "It's not for my own publicity. I'm not a celebrity – I make music. Dancing on stage with a pineapple on your head is a very stupid thing to do, but I also want to suggest that it's a very stupid television programme."

What’s more, speaking on The Chris Moyles show this morning, Calvin actually explained that he is rooting for Jedward to win now, either way - it didn’t win him many ITV fans, was he was promptly turfed out of the building with a strict warning never to return. Ouch!

So, do you think Calvin was a very naughty boy, or do you just love him even more now?

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