To celebrate the recent release of her single Don't Say It's Love, which will feature on her debut EP Archetypes (set to drop later this year), we got Brooke Law to open up a little bit about her inspirations, and those fellow artists she says have helped shape her career.

Brooke Law opens up for Female First readers

Brooke Law opens up for Female First readers

Tracy Chapman: I think it’s important for artists to make statements and have strong beliefs.

Tina Turner: Her resilience and passion is so inspiring for all artists. Not just from watching her film and knowing her story but her soul shines through on stage.

Stormzy: His lyrics really speak out and he does a lot to support communities and young people.

Beyoncé: She's constantly challenging feminist issues which is really important for female artist to do in modern society. Celebrities are who teenagers look up to and we still need role models to raise awareness about gender inequalities.

P!nk: Power woman! I love her playful and 'f**k you' lyrics. It’s so cool how she integrates acrobatics in her shows and makes it special for the audience!

Eminem: He's always been very verbal and raw through his rap. He’s used his own experiences to speak out and inspire people which is what I wish to achieve!

Lady Gaga: An amazing writer; she’s written for so many artists and has managed to raise various political views in her own songs. She speaks out for the LGBT+ community which we need in the music industry.

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