Celine Dion / Credit: Alix Malka

Celine Dion / Credit: Alix Malka

Celine Dion is pending a second week in the UK album top five this week with 'Loved Me Back To Life'.

On the new album’s direction Celine explains “It was cool to work with the young generation of today. They proposed edgier words for me. For me to sing about ‘love’ is expected but for me to sing about ‘love’ using words like ‘I’m tired of this empty house, I need a drink to get me out. A couple more til I forget your name’. Is this Celine Dion?” she asks, “This is very, very different. I’m ok with the fact that I want to make this album different. A little edgier, a little fresher, a little modern but, I don’t want to reinvent myself.”

One of her new tracks is 'Water & A Flame', which she can be seen singing live at a special gig in New York City below.

Daniel Merriweather and Eg White wrote the tune, and Merriweather released a version of it on his own album as a duet with Adele.

'Loved Me Back To Life' the album is out now.

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