Diego Luna directs

Charming would be the correct word to use for the brand new visuals Diego Luna has brought to the Switch Remix for Rita Ora's hit song 'I Will Never Let You Down'. Heartwarming would be another.

A group of pensioners are taken to a football field where lines are drawn for them to enjoy a special game of football alongside their peers, and it couldn't be any more pleasing to see those of an older age getting out and having some fun.

The elderly enjoyed their game

The film comes from Pepsi's new visual album 'Beats of the Beautiful Game' which celebrates the world's most popular sport - football - at no better time than the World Cup proceedings.

Though Rita's track doesn't kick in until the credits start rolling, the preceeding three minutes should leave worldwide audiences smiling from ear to ear.

'Beats of the Beautiful Game' is out now.

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