Back with their brand new single ‘Bumaye’, Afrobeats pop duo Reggie ‘N’ Nollie are hoping to bring their own twist to the summer on their fresh new label F.R.O.D Music Ltd. You can check out the lyric video for the song below:

“Bumaye is a summation of the cultural mix and our development as songwriters and artists,” the duo explains. “It takes us away from the stereotypical Reggie ‘N’ Bollie style and it means a lot to us as it is the last track we recorded for the album. We all love it and we hope our fans love it too.”

Returning to Female First to drop another exclusive with our readers, the pair have put together 15 Things They Want YOU To Know About THEM! Check those facts out below:

  1. Bollie doesn’t like horror movies.
  2. Reggie has stepped on snakes four times by accident in the past and was almost bitten the last time it happened.
  3. Bollie can speak fluently three different Ghanaian languages fluently.
  4. Reggie once worked as a telephone debt collector for two weeks and he hated it so he quit… Well, actually he was fired.
  5. Bollie’s second passion, apart from music, is cooking. He can spend most of his spare time cooking for hours.
  6. Reggie can’t eat pizza without a soft drink. It’s a must for him.
  7. Bollie not only sings in the shower but also likes to dance and create new dance routines under the shower.
  8. On his first First Class flight, Reggie asked the air hostess for a Wi-Fi code as he expected it to come complimentary with the service.
  9. Bollie can eat rice every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting tired of it.
  10. Reggie gets an allergic reaction every time he eats mango fruit but, strangely never gets a reaction when drinking mango juice.
  11. Bollie’s biggest phobias are big dogs and snakes.
  12. Reggie had a hen called Angela as his first pet when he was little. Unfortunately it died just a month after in 1993 and he was so heartbroken he’s never had a pet since.
  13. Bollie doesn’t like anyone touching his hair so he shaves his hair by himself and hasn’t been to the barber in years.
  14. Reggie was looking into a career in accountancy and passed all his exams right before starting The X Factor in 2015.
  15. Bollie always gets asked for his ID every time he buys alcoholic drinks. He proudly admits it is due to his baby face.

‘Bumaye’ is available now.

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