We're almost a third of the way into 2016, so we've decided to take a look back at the pop music releases we've seen this year so far and pick out five of our favourite tracks. Check below for our verdict and let us know - what are YOUR favourite pop songs of the year so far?

DNCE / Credit: Emily Shur

DNCE / Credit: Emily Shur

Ariana Grande - 'Dangerous Woman'

Ariana's all grown up with 'Dangerous Woman', which gives a little flavour of what we can expect from her forthcoming studio album of the same name when it's released in May. Also releasing a snippet of a brand new collaboration with Nicki Minaj set to drop anytime now, we could be updating this list later in the year with not one, but two Ariana tracks! Pop heaven!

Meghan Trainor - 'NO'

Meghan's done it again with an incredibly sassy offering. Speaking to PEOPLE earlier this year, Trainor explained some of the inspiration behind the track coming from her record label: "I had my album done and they said, 'This is exactly what the world expects from Meghan Trainor to do', and I said, 'Yeah. That's why I did it.' And they said, 'No. Push it. Push the envelope.'" Frustrated but excited to get back in the studio, the result was 'NO', and we couldn't be happier with the tune.

DNCE - 'Cake By The Ocean'

A song that threatens to stick in the heads of those listening for the rest of time, 'Cake By The Ocean' holds the perfect formula for a pop song. Many were wondering just how Joe Jonas would do entering a brand new band, but it could be the best decision he's made in his career. As a group the foursome provide some incredible melodies, lyrics and beats. Though it was released in the US last year, it's only just made its big impact in the UK. What comes next should be very exciting...


It was always going to be super tough for Zayn Malik to break away from One Direction and venture into his own territory with his debut solo single, but 'PILLOWTALK' not only managed to ignite a fire with millions listening, but it did something Zayn's former group could never - hit number one on the US Billboard chart. Allowed to express himself through his own creativity, it's clear Zayn is happier than ever to make music he really has a passion for.

Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign - 'Work From Home'

Latest single 'Work From Home' is all the proof any Fifth Harmony doubters should need to see that the group are more than capabale of producing a catchy and infectious pop hit.

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