Well here we are in 2019... For me, the New Year gives me the chance to slow down, reflect on the year, and set myself aspirational (but achievable) goals for the forthcoming year. 2018 was such an amazing year for me. I wrote and recorded my brand new album, I released a new single, and I created three amazing music videos (that you will get to see later this year…) So what am I hoping to achieve in 2019? Well these are my top three resolutions...

Giulia returns to write for Female First in 2019!

Giulia returns to write for Female First in 2019!

Learn to live in the moment

I want to learn to fully appreciate and live in each individual moment. I don’t know about you, but I seem to spend so much of my time looking forward to things. To holidays, to experiences, to different months, and even to the weekend, and it gets exhausting. I want to learn how to live in the moment and be content with the joy and challenges that that moment brings.

Experience the world

Anyone who follows my Instagram will know that I love to travel… and I want to continue to experience new cultures and push myself out of my comfort zone in 2019. I take so much of my musical inspiration from experiences that I’ve had whilst travelling and exploring the world, and I want to encourage this even further. I want to visit places I never would have thought to go to, immerse myself in cultures that are totally foreign to me, and discover more of the natural worlds hidden gems.

Continue to produce music from my heart

The year saw me take to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to record my new album, and it was (not to be too dramatic….) a life changing experience. The new album is raw, and real, and touches on subjects that I had never spoken about to anyone before. There is a sincerity to my newest tracks that was made possible only because of how honest I was throughout the song writing process, and it has resulted in an album that feels totally free. This is something that I am so keen to continue in 2019, so watch this space….

Whether you have set New Year’s resolutions or not, I hope you have a fulfilling and enjoyable start to the year!

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