Ready to take on the UK with their talents, Tereza, 15, Angee, 16, Natalie, 18 and Nikola, 17 have already become household names in their native country of Czech Republic and hope to do the same here!

The girls even decided to let Female First in on some little secrets about themselves!

Nikki: She has the weirdest taste in food and likes to drink vinegar!

Natalie: She lives in a world of her own and has a (not-so-secret) love for The Kooks.

Angee: She can fall asleep in any position in any place at any time!

Tereza: Even though she's the youngest member of the group, she thinks she's the mother!

Always impressing their audiences with energetic and vibrant live performances, including some hugely exuberant choreography full of confidence and charisma, they're a girl group like no other, as they hold both European and World Dance Championship titles, along with the ability to play the piano, cello and guitar.

Those looking to catch the ladies live can find them performing on a two-month long tour around the UK, concluding with a high profile date at Liverpool's Fusion Festival this September.

Following their UK ambitions, the group are also documenting their attempt at cracking America in upcoming television series Pinks Across America, described as the "Thelma and Louise American road trip of a lifetime - but without the ending!"

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