Tom Figgins

For some, Tom Figgins isn't a new name after his debut EP 'Your Place' - written at age 19 - and second 'Wake Up' went on to receive major critical acclaim both in the UK and abroad.

Now Tom is back and ready to make more waves on the music scene after honing in on a more mature and developed sound. Years of plugging away at the gigging scene and song-writing have paid off for the rising star as he's now been signed by Nick Stewart & Associates - the same man who signed U2 to Island Records.

Tom doesn't have the typical 'raised by musicians' story, as he was born into a family of non-musicians in London's Notting Hill, but it was his parents' upright piano that started him on his journey into the industry.

Today, he's preparing for the release of brand new single 'Let Your Roots Go' on July 20, a song which encourages those listening to believe in themselves and trust their instincts, knowing that the foundations of 'you' will forever remain despite time passing by and seasons changing.

Speaking on the track, Tom says: "There was a shift in my sound and I started to feel like I’d really found what I was trying to say musically. The title is all about sticking to your guns and trusting your roots. I realised how much I trusted my original influences, like Sting and Jeff Buckley, more than just trying to emulate all the people I wanted to sound like. Being true to my lyrical content and trusting myself in a sound, I’d discovered something I was incredibly excited about."

Finally finding the acoustic folk rock sound he wants to create and share with the world, the simple man from London now has the ability to go on and become something great.

Tom Figgins

He'll be playing a date at the Cornbury Festival on July 7 before a residency at London's Troubadour where he'll perform on July 10, September 12, October 10, November 14 and December 12.

More dates are expected to be announced in the near future.

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