Jason Orange last night announced his departure from long-running man band Take That. He's had enough and realised following the group's last tour that this wasn't what he wanted to continue doing. Boo hoo.

It's topping all the news channels along with the gritty hard stuff and fans have gone into hysteria once more. But when we truly reflect on the situation, it's not exactly going to have the same impact as Robbie Williams' departure, is it? Imagine it was in fact Gary leaving - would the band even continue? I really doubt it. But unfortunately, Jason doesn't have that impact.

Take That on their Circus tour

Now don't get me wrong - I like Jason. He's a fellow Mancunian, how could I not support him? He keeps his private life private and I respect that from someone who could milk a cash cow for all it's worth. It's just that he never really did anything for me in the band. He was forever in the background, looking good, dancing a bit and helping to write the tunes.

The remaining trio of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen have noted that the band has been made what it is today partly to "Jason's energy and belief", along with his "enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration over the years", but really, the band would have thrived whether or not he was ever onboard.

Jason Orange

So whilst I can see that many will have a large, Orange-shaped hole in their heart for the next few days, next week I'd stake a shedload of cash on the news being forgotten, and Jason being allowed to live his life with some big savings (hopefully), fading forevermore until he's hardly even recognised when popping down to the local Lidl.

So enjoy retirement, Jason - if that is indeed what you're planning. Please don't consider going down the solo music route - it won't work for you! If anything, go back to the acting. Because a Jason Orange Coronation Street cameo is something surely anybody can get behind.

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