Born in Kansas City and raised in an area where he saw a number of struggles and hardships throughout his childhood, Matthew Grant is somebody who used all of that experience to find a true passion for and escape in music. Beginning to play piano at just 11, he would hone his talents in a church choir and enjoy performing whether just for one person, or a huge audience. Now, with a joy boiling over whenever he’s allowed to put on a show, he’s somebody who has been writing his own material since 18, and today, we’re allowed to premiere an exclusive acoustic version of his brilliant track, King For A Day.

Chatting about the new version of the song, Grant explains: “In the acoustic version of King For A Day I wanted to record it so you could hear and feel the anguish and the desire for change in our society. In this version I do my best to capture the emotional side of what we all feel when we think about what’s going on in our world.”

As a man who left his home at 18 to start his journey, Grant found himself in a New York shelter, but was determined to pull through so that he could chase the dreams he’d been holding close for years. Doing anything he could to give back, he worked at a school with special needs children, before moving to California and teaching vocals and pianos to other aspiring musicians. Performing at local events only saw his star shine brighter, and in November 2014 he picked up a deal with Alignment Management, moving to Los Angeles and networking there with artists and producers.

Now, with a fully developed sound that blends a whole multitude of genres including pop, soul, and jazz, with a touch of gospel, Grant continues to connect with people in the most authentic way, allowing them to see the world through a new lens while retaining relatability.

Matthew Grant’s new single King For A Day is out now.

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