Forming the group on the sticky dancefloor of a nightclub in Queens, Le Grind are a pair of musicians who chanced upon one another whilst singing along to a Prince record. Bringing their eccentric personalities together formed an exciting trio, with Reyna's vocal, Gareth's songwriting, instrumentation and production and Boo's drum and production skills morphing into one.

Heading to London, the three decided to record together and released their debut, immediately finding they had an underground hit on their hands with debut single 'I Was there (Where Were You?)', before second single 'Toute Chaude' did well to increase exposure with radio airplay.

Now they return with third single 'Pillow Talk', an infectious and throbbing electronic dance hit with elements of funk and pop, that tells a familiar story that many should be able to relate to - of the boy who promises you the world until he gets you between the sheets and leaves you with nothing but regret.

Reyna tells us: "This is a song about those men who dip their wick and slip out quick. We decided against doing a "Lorena Bobbitt" and wrote a song about them instead. At least that way we can stay out of prison!"

'Pillow Talk' is officially released on Friday, November 20 on Bedfellow Records.

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