Established in 1992 and funded by the government with support from the British Record Industry Trust, the BRIT School is a one-of-a-kind free-to-attend Performing Arts and Technology School that often sees students from its halls go onto super-stardom.

Amy Winehouse is one of the four BRIT School winners

Amy Winehouse is one of the four BRIT School winners

However, it's now been revealed that only 1.94% of BRIT Awards given out in the past 15 years have gone to graduates of the BRIT School, with only four of the 206 individual acts who won between 1990 and 2015 coming from the place of education.

Those four acts are Adele, Kate Nash, Jessie J and Amy Winehouse, showing that it's the female alumni attending who are currently making some of the biggest waves in the music industry.

Winehouse was the first BRIT School graduate to win an award in 2007, but the star pupil would have to be Adele, who's managed to take home four trophies to-date, with Nash and Jessie J only taking one apiece.

Adele has to be the BRIT School's star pupil
Adele has to be the BRIT School's star pupil

The news come from international ticket reselling platform Ticketbis, who revealed that despite the links between the school and ceremony, there seems to be no favouritism involved.

Country Manager UK for Ticketbis, Thomas Mesa commented: "With some of the high profile names which have attended the BRIT School, we are extremely surprised that only four graduates have managed to win a BRIT Award.

"There has always been speculation that with the links between the school and the awards ceremony, those artists who attended the BRIT School had an advantage of winning in comparison to other nominees.

"But with this research these rumours can be put to rest, as it is clear there is no favouritsm towards BRIT school graduates when it comes to winning one of the highly sought after awards."

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