In celebration of the release of the music video for her latest single ‘Candle’, we got brilliant Scottish singer/songwriter Rachelle Rhienne to think of her Top 5 Candlelit Moments and share them exclusively with everybody here at Female First! Check those out, along with the video for ‘Candle’ below!

Rachelle Rhienne returns

Rachelle Rhienne returns

Family Meal At Christmas (Scented Candles)

One of my favourite candlelit moments is the annual family meal at Christmas. My Mum always makes a big point about lighting as many candles as she can on the dinner table and around the room. They are mostly scented candles, such as cinnamon and apple which instantly remind me of Christmas and happy times, which I have actually included in some of my lyrics for one of my Christmas songs, ‘When The Snow Is Falling Down’. I’m sure when we get round to filming the music video for it, there’ll be some flickering candlelight in that footage.

Filming The Music Video For ‘Candle’

The videographer Arran Christie Dawson and I had the idea of setting up a date scene with a candlelit dinner between myself and my love interest in the Balloch House Hotel. Of course, we couldn’t shoot a video for a song called ‘Candle’ without having a candle or two… Or 10! In the band and jamming scene, we had loads of candles set up as well to create some warm vibes. Everything was shot locally in my hometown of Dunbartonshire, so whenever I look back on the video it reminds me of comfort and familiarity.

Nostalgic Chinese Takeaway

When I was younger, my older brother Andrew and I always considered ordering a Chinese takeaway as a luxury. We had obviously behaved ourselves and deserved some junk food! So, whenever a takeaway had been called, we ran to set up the table with a heating tray lit by candles to keep the food warm. I still feel the same when my family decide to order a Chinese together, and those candles are lit in preparation. Nostalgia at its best!

Filming ‘Words Of Poison’

‘Words Of Poison’ was another song we used candles as a highlight for the music video, and it was definitely one of my favourite memories. We worked with Arran on this music video too and he had some amazing ideas, of using camera angles and techniques with the smoke from a blown out candle. The song is very haunting and moody so we wanted to convey that through the music video too. There are some amazing shots of the smoke from the candle in slow motion which builds to the intensity and climax of the song. It always looks incredible watching it back! The music video is up on YouTube.

Relaxing Candlelit Bath

You can never go wrong with a nice warm bath surrounded by candles. It’s one of my favourite ways to unwind after a day of shooting or recording. I love dimming the lights, putting on some candles, listening to some music and relaxing. There is something about the candles that makes the bath even more relaxing.

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