Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Queen's Roger Taylor mentally trained himself to beat Tinnitus, after taking a Harley Street doctor's advice.

The 'Radio Ga Ga' drummer has lived a loud life as a member of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet and it had led to him battling a ringing in his ears common among musicians, but after seeing a doctor, he claims he has it under control.

He told us "I have suffered from it, and a lot of people in my generation and in my job suffer from Tinnitus, and with about 80 per cent of people it's possible to get rid of it. It's all to do with a positive mental approach which has this amazing psychosomatic effect.

"I've managed to beat it and now it only comes on with tiredness or stress. I took a Harley Street doctor's advice. He gave me a two hour lecture on how to approach it mentally, its brilliant, and I try and tell people and they don't believe me but it's absolutely true. It really doesn't bother you, if you look upon it as a friend, and then it goes away itself it's almost as simple as that."

Other people to suffer from Tinnitus include Noel and Liam Gallagher, Pete Townshend, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Morrissey.

Upon being diagnosed, Liam said: "Without a doubt I have tinnitus. You're not a proper rock 'n' roll star if you don't. I learned to live with it a long time ago. I put up with it - I just talk really loudly over it. I'm proud of it."

Roger's latest album, 'Fun on Earth' is out on November 11.

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