Having recently partnered with VEVO and Rolling Stone for the debut of his new music video ‘Love In Bar’ – which even features his real-life fiancée, Maren Morris – we instantly fell in love with singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd’s incomparable vocals and talent. You can check out the brilliant video for the track below:

Shot at Hurd’s family lake house in West Michigan, the video takes place at the exact spot that Ryan popped the question to his now-fiancee while on a trip out on the canoe boat also featured in the video!

Speaking about the piece, Ryan said: “This video means so much to me because this song is the story of how Maren and I met and fell in love. Returning back to my family’s lake house where Maren and I got engaged was really special. It’s cool to have such a special place, special person and special song all come together in one spot.

“While the song is our story about falling in love in a bar, I love that we got to make a music video about what happened after that and hope that people can see their own love stories in these moments.”

Now set to engage closer with his fans both new and old, we found out 15 things Ryan wants you all to know about him, exclusively for Female First! Check them out below:

  1. When I was in high school I got caught by the police making out in my car with my first girlfriend, and that was pretty weird, to have blue lights coming through your window in that moment. That wasn’t fun!
  2. I’m now engaged to Maren Morris. We’ve been dating for almost two years and will be getting married in the spring, which is really cool! I am really excited about that.
  3. The first beer I ever had was called Natural Light at my friend’s lake house and it was warm!
  4. The first hangover I ever had was in college and I didn’t get out of bed until 6’o’clock in the evening!
  5. The first song I ever had recorded by another artist was a song called ‘Surefire Feeling’ by Jake Owen.
  6. My whole family lives in Nashville now. I have a brother and a sister and my parents live there too. They followed me from my hometown of Memphis, but I’ve been here the longest.
  7. I have a degree in Sociology which you would think I don’t use anymore but I actually find it very useful.
  8. I was gonna go to graduate school, but I didn’t really do it in the end. My Sociology degree kept me fed while I was trying to get my first publishing deal in Nashville to write songs. So I’m really thankful for that.
  9. My favourite show is Game of Thrones and Maren watches a lot of Harry Potter, so I’ve tried to get into that too.
  10. My birthday is in November, so I think I’m a Scorpio? I’m not even sure!
  11. I have three man crushes: Kit Harington, Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgård.
  12. I think if I had to give up coffee or alcohol, I would give up alcohol 10 out of 10 times. I love coffee because it’s the ritual of my morning. I’m very much a morning person. Maren is very much not! I spend time in the morning by myself trying to not wake her up but I get excited and want to wake her up too! C’mon, hang out! But I keep to myself with a new pour over coffee set-up that I have, which I really like and is just something more involved than pushing a button, so that makes me happy.
  13. My favourite book, which I think was written in the 60s or 70s is called Jonathan Livingston Seagull it’s a special book, you can read it in a day if you wanted to. It’s an allegory about a seagull learning to fly and it’s a really helpful book for your own sense of being.
  14. I have one tattoo. I think I want to get more; I just don’t have the time.
  15. I have a cool manager! Her name is Janet and she is very amazing. She is also Maren’s manager and she is from Canada. So here we are: in the UK, with a Canadian manager and we live in Nashville, Tennessee. So that’s a very weird triangle in my mind at the moment!


Ryan Hurd’s self-titled EP is available now, with the singer now gearing up for the release of his debut album in the near future.

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