Scarlet Fantastic is a joy to listen to, and we couldn't be happier to today exclusively premiere the new music video for her track 'Take Me Away'.

In addition, she's put together 15 facts she wants her fans to know about her, that they might not have known before! Check them out below:

  1. The first record I ever sang on was a song by Brummie musician Legs Akimbo, my vocals were 'la la la'. John Peel loved the record and played it often!
  2. I've climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. I've also climbed Mt Toubkal, Africa's second highest mountain! I've trekked the Inca trail through the high Andes in Peru and I've ascended the highest sand dunes in the Sahara desert.
  3. My first band, Playthings, supported Duran Duran on their first tour and I was with Simon Le Bon as he was told the news that their song 'Planet Earth' had gone into the charts.
  4. I adore deserts, high mountains and snow landscapes like Iceland. I always feel as high as a kite when I am in these places.
  5. I met Bryan Adams when I did a TV show called The Roxy and we go on so well he invited me to his gig in Manchester and we had curry together afterwards.
  6. I saw the magical Northern Lights in Iceland four nights in a row and I bathed in the hot Blue Lagoon in the darkness under a gentle snowfall.
  7. My new album 'Reverie' was influenced by my trip to Iceland. I had a magical moment one morning in Reykjavik where I felt so uplifted, I wrote a poem called 'Churchbells and Starlings'. When I came back to the UK I turned it into a song.
  8. I was in a film called Dance with the Devil, written and directed by Brian Travis from UB40. Chrissie Hynde, Robert Palmer, Keith Allen and Ali Campbell from UB40 were also in the film.
  9. My dog Spikey who is now 10 and still nuts, used to eat everything when he was a pup. He ate two sofas, he blew up the telly, he chewed through the internet cable and he ate Grandpa Thomas' hat.
  10. My song 'No Memory' from my first Scarlet Fantastic album has been remixed and reissued over the years no less than 11 times! DJs still seem to love it! It was last released by Continental Records in 2014!
  11. I discovered I was pregnant with my son Sean Vincent after doing a pregnancy test in France on the day of the full Solar Eclipse in 1999! It was amazing standing in a field in France watching the eclipse with my special protective glasses on, knowing that I had a little life beginning in my tummy! Sean is now 15 and a fantastic drummer, he has his own band, Sinner's Belief.
  12. Carol Decker and I were both on an album called 'Best of Brumbeat Live'. At the time, Carol's band were called The Lazers and my band were called The Playthings.
  13. I'm 6 foot 2 in my bare feet, 6 foot 7 in heels!
  14. I had a part in an episode of Extras with Ricky Gervais and Sir Ian McKellen. I played Charlie the playwright in the Gay Play episode.
  15. I played a member of the SPAT group in the movie About A Boy and I held Hugh Grant's hand.

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