Together, Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey have launched their brand new project SKYE | ROSS with an album set to release later this year.

First single from that record 'Light Of Gold' is available to listen to above and comes as an instant grat track for anyone who pre-orders the album.

We got the pair to give us 14 things about them that not many people know - check out what they wanted to share below!

1) Ross and Skye have four cats and six kids between them.

2) Skye's second instrument was a drum kit, the first being a recorder.

3) Ross can play guitar with his teeth.

4) Skye designs and sews all of the outfits she wears on stage.

5) Ross lived in LA and is friends with movie makers Steven Soderbergh and Greg Jacobs.

6) Skye played crash cymbals at the Royal Albert Hall with the Newham Youth Orchestra when she was 12.

7) Ross can play sitar.

8) Ross and Skye's second ever gig with Morcheeba was on Jools Holland in 1996.

9) Skye was fostered by white parents at the age of six weeks old.

10) Skye and Ross met at a party in Greenwich, summer of 1994.

11) Ross owns 35 guitars.

12) Skye owns 82 pairs of shoes.

13) Ross grows his own vegetables.

14) All of the above facts about Skye and Ross are true.

SKYE | ROSS will be released on Fly Agaric Records / Cooking Vinyl on September 2.

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