Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara return to the UK charts for the first time since 2009 with their new album Heartthrob this Monday and the Canadian twins will be hoping to continue their fantastic streak of critical acclaim.

With the album storming to number three in the US album charts upon its release last week there and glowing reviews coming out, it looks like it might be a hit.

To celebrate the release of the duo’s latest collection, we decided to look at a trio of the best musical siblings around right now as well as three of the most famous from the history books.

First Aid Kit

This Swedish pair of sisters started singing together in 2008, displaying straight away a song writing and singing ability way beyond their teenage years and becoming one of the hottest up and comers in the volcano of talent that is Swedish music right now.

With two albums under their belts, with their second going straight to the top of their native charts, Joanna and Klara Söderberg’s classic bluegrass infused sound is an utter delight to listen to.

We thought that their latest album The Lion’s Roar was utterly brilliant, placing right at the tippy-top of our best albums of 2012 and is something that anyone with either a passing fancy of Americana or touchingly heart felt lyrics should instantly go and track down.


Este, Danielle and Alana belong to a family with music in its veins, as it was the deciding factor that brought their parents together and a defining aspect of the girl’s early lives.

We’re glad to see that they’ve decided to keep on with family tradition then, as they are one of the most exciting new groups around right now. While they might take their main inspirations from old school rock and roll, their tendency to mix in RnB stylings and rotate their roles in the band makes them a constantly evolving and intriguing proposition.

They were named the BBC’s Sound of 2013 and have a whole heap of celebrity fans ranging from Katy Perry to Azealia Banks via Florence Welch. Get ready to see this trio of sisters everywhere over the next couple of months, as this year might just be Haim’s for the taking.

Kings Of Leon

Of our current crop of singing siblings, this band of brothers have easily been together for the longest time. Throughout their decade long careers, they’ve managed both two rises to power. The first was with to indie acclaim in 2003. The second was to commercial success and chart domination in the form of 2008’s smash hit album Only By The Night.

The three brothers and their cousin from Oklahoma only really came together when Nathan and Caleb re-located to Nashville and were approached to be a duet. They then ordered their cousin to join the band and bought their little brother a bas just to make them a four piece.

They’ve had their fair share of scraps along the way, with documentarian Stephen Mitchell saying that even broken bones have been inflicted on each other throughout their time together, but through thick and thin they’ve kept Kings of Leon a thoroughly family affair.


As yourself a question, can you name any other member or Oasis? If you can, then call yourself a superfan, as pretty much the entirety of the spotlight was taken up by brothers Liam and Noel  Gallagher.

The best known brothers in British music, Noel and Liam Gallagher we the key components of possibly the most influential groups of the 1990s.

The two brothers sadly no longer see eye to eye on anything except their love of the Manchester City football team, meaning that Oasis seem never set to ride again.

The Jackson Five

Perhaps the most famous of musical families worldwide, the Jackson Five conquered Motown before lead singer and youngest brother Michael decided to become the biggest pop star in the world.

Originally The Jackson Brothers in the form of Tito, Jackie and Jermaine, they became a quintet when younger brother Michael started showing incredible talent at a headspinningly young age. From there, the only way was up, with the group signing a deal with the prestigious Motown records and then managing an incredible four back to back number one singles in America.

They were the biggest names in entertainment, with their faces plastered on billboards left and right (a Jackson brother was on the cover of every issue of magazine ‘Right On’ for two years straight) and even having their own Saturday morning cartoon and their own live action TV show.

Van Halen

The brothers Eddie and Alex were always going to end up in music, with their father Jan from the very beginning arranging for them to take lessons. Soon the pair swapped just jamming on each other’s instruments and started a band together and history was born.

Despite the band itself being named after the two brothers at the heart of it, it was neither Eddie or Alex’s idea to call themselves that. It was singer Dave Lee Roth that decided that their name should be front and centre. It was a move that paid off massively, with the Van Halen name becoming synonymous with rock and roll in the seventies and eighties.

With Eddie’s son Wolfgang is now a part of the band, they also contain two generations in their quartet. Impressive work from all involved.


Anyone you think we’ve missed off our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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