London pop merchant The Cheek Of Her is set to release her new single 'The Future Is Purple' on September 28th! Following on from the success of previous single 'YOLO', chief Cheekster Helen Dooley is also set to release a new video in conjunction with the track.

Helen had this to say regarding the video:

"Strangely enough the amazing Pedro Chaves who created the lyric video (and all of The Cheek of Her videos to date!), often has the same vision as I do in terms of the treatment for each individual track, which is such a great thing!

"Recently Pedro gave me the biggest compliment, by saying that even after listening to the track "on a loop for the 100th time" he doesn't feel like putting a bullet in his head! Which is something he tells me that apparently happens a lot with other songs...!

"We both envisaged a cartoony video, with lots of black and edgy content, obviously featuring the colour purple, and little sketches which underline and supplement the meaning of the lyrics. Oh, and that purple-haired old dear gets a feature too of course!"

In regarding the track, Dooley commented:

"'The Future is Purple' is about becoming more conscious that our lives on earth are only temporary, and that we are all literally in the same boat trying to figure it all out. I called it "The Future is Purple" playing a little with a mobile phone advert slogan that used to exist (if you remember it!), and just thinking about what perhaps lies ahead for some of us: rollers and a nice purple rinse!

"It was recorded as a pair in the same session as the previous Single "YOLO" which also deals with the theme of blowing caution to the wind and doing what you need to and are passionate about in life, so the live vibe of the track goes hand in hand with the the real life theme.

"There will be a further single release preceding a new EP by The Cheek of Her in 2016!"

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