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In what was being slated as a rather underwhelming year at Glastonbury Festival, Dolly Parton brought back the spark to an 80,000 strong crowd - and the biggest BBC viewing audience of the event - and hypnotised the thousands whilst they sang along with old classics and new tracks which were easily picked up in just a couple of minutes.

Conversational with the crowd, she was hilarious whilst cracking jokes about the Jolene which inspired the classic song - a woman who her husband-to-be (now husband) was spending far too much time with and so she had to get rid of - but a woman who she now thanks for inspiring a song that earned her a lot of money.

An enticing and alluring country accent just added to the magic of the set which came in at just over an hour, and she looked fabulous in her rhinestone-embedded white outfit.

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"This mud ain't nothing new to me, and it's nothing new to you either is it?" she giggled, explaining about how she grew up on a farm as just "a bunch of horny hillbillies", not Catholics, with parents she praised for keeping a roof over their heads, even if it did leak.

The one thing about Dolly that's so great is her relatability. We may not all be rolling in cash, but most of us can feel familiar with the memories or love of a parent, and the tough times that have had to be fought through whilst keeping a smile on your face.

Every time she opened her mouth the audience cheered, and it's impossible to listen to the country icon without cracking a smile.

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"That is a big thrill to hear you singing my songs, just like you know 'em!" she told the crowd who sang the '9 To 5' chorus back at Dolly when she asked to hear them, before chanting her name and making her feel at home. Any nerves that may have been apparent at the beginning of the set had disappeared, and a beautiful rendition of her song 'I Will Always Love You' closed things off.

At nearly 70 she's stronger than ever with flawless vocals - which were NOT mimed - and could hold her own at any stage, anywhere in the world.

See you next time Dolly. Whenever next time is.

Dolly Parton's new album 'Blue Smoke' is out now.

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