The Overtones are one of our favourite groups here at Female First, and so with the news that their new Christmas album is available now, we got the boys to give us some special festive facts about themselves and what they enjoy over Christmas - read on to find out what they had to say.

The Overtones
The Overtones


  • Living in London, there's nothing like a visit to Winter Wonderland to get you in the Christmas mood. A bit of mulled wine followed by a skate on the ice rink. It's the perfect start to the festive season.
  • I always look forward to seeing in Christmas Day at our local pub in Manchester. Surrounded by familiar faces with those classic Christmas songs playing in the background, it's the only way to spend Christmas Eve in my opinion. Needless to say I'm in no rush to see if Santa's been early next morning.
  • I love indulging in a few classic Christmas movies over the festive season. Being an 80s kid, you can't beat a bit of Bill Murray's Scrooged or Dudley Moore in Santa Claus The Movie. My absolute favourite though, without question, has to be A Muppets Christmas Carol... All singing, all dancing and Michael Caine. Amazing!


  • I'm from County Cork, so I'm used to the cold winters and I'm definitely used to wrapping up warm with oversized scarfs. In fact, I knit chunky scarves myself and pass the time in the tour van knitting away!
  • I don't like to go over the top with Christmas things for my place where I live. However, I have picked up a cute red velvet reindeer and a sweet little tin house that holds a tea light. I may also get a little tree, but as we are away for most of December on tour it may not be a good idea. I'll come home to a carpet covered in pine needles!
  • I'm cooking a vegetarian Christmas Dinner for my friend so I'm a bit nervous about that. I will certainly be Googling some good veggie options, as my idea of cooking a vegetarian meal is making a vegetable-only stir fry. Help!


  • Christmas Eve is spent in the local pub! The atmosphere is always great. Everyone's in good spirits and are looking forward to the next few days.
  • I always have a champagne breakfast on Christmas Day. It's become a tradition of mine, I serve it with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
  • Christmas shopping! I love it and hate it at the same time! I'll no doubt be out in the final few days before Christmas looking for presents for my niece and nephew!


  • One of my favourite things at Christmas are the games we play during the evening. Of course, Monopoly can get a little heated...
  • I also love the food. It's the only time of year that there is everything you could possibly want to eat in the house.
  • Mostly I look forward to spending time with my new wife Kerry and my family. It's what Christmas is all about for me. I don't need presents, just them.


  • This year I'm looking forward to a good SLEEP at Christmas. Our national tour closes on the 20th and we'll be working right up to Christmas Day making sure everyone is enjoying our new Christmas album.
  • On the day itself, I'm going to have a Christmas lunch in a hotel in Soho with a friend and let someone else do the dishes. I'm rubbish at cooking turkey anyway, so I see this as a bit of a win/win situation!
  • I grew up in Sydney, so Christmas was always 30 degrees and sunny. It's much more of a relaxed affair in Australia, I think because one is not bound to stay indoors. The downside is, because of the heat, we tend not to have goodies like hot mulled wine, which is one of life's joys.

The Overtones' new album 'Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas' is out now. The group are also currently touring the UK, with tickets available now.

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