One of the UK's hottest names on the British soul scene, Tony Momrelle is a man who hasn't always had his sights set on the music industry but instead just sat back and enjoyed what his time with music has brought him.

Tony Momrelle

Tony Momrelle

We got the chance to find out 14 things about Tony he wanted to share with Female First readers - find out more about the man himself below:

  1. My favourite food is Thai.
  2. I love going to the cinema.
  3. I hate avocado... Just can't take the texture and for me it has no taste!
  4. I'm a bit of a close-up magician.
  5. My favourite football team is ARSENAL!
  6. I own over 30 watches. I love watches.
  7. I'm learning Italian.
  8. My favourite fruit is mango.
  9. I love love LOVE The Office - the UK version.
  10. I find it hard to see through lead.
  11. My favourite superhero is Superman.
  12. I have to have at least four cups of tea in the morning.
  13. I've always wanted to walk along the Great Wall of China.
  14. I can be found at

Tony's new single 'This Could Be Us' is officially released on February 26.

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