Now a full-time resident of Nashville, Alabama native Walker Hayes is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated full-length studio album this December, having written or co-written every song on the 10-track LP. The record’s title? ‘boom!’ An odd choice for sure, but one that Hayes has said resonates with him personally.

“It’s my favourite word,” he explains. “It’s the first thing I say after I play a song from the album for anyone. So, it’s what we had to call the album. I’m just so excited to share another part of the story. BOOM!”

You can check out the full tracklisting for ‘boom.’ below:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Shut Up Kenny
  3. You Broke Up With Me
  4. Halloween feat. Nicolle Galyon
  5. Dollar Store
  6. Beer In The Fridge
  7. Beckett
  8. Mind Candy
  9. Prescriptions
  10. Craig

Celebrating the upcoming release, we managed to steal some of Walker’s time and get the star to reveal some big facts about him that he thinks all fans, old and new should know! Read on to find out what they are…

  1. Before decided on music as his full-time job, Walker went to college to study dentistry.
  2. Before the music career took off, Walker got by while working at Costco.
  3. Walker is married to his childhood sweetheart, Laney Beville Hayes.
  4. Walker and Laney are parents to six children, with their seventh on the way!
  5. The couple have had the same Halloween costume for over 10 years. They dress up as pumpkins.
  6. Walker’s favourite food is cereal, and he used to go to Waffle House after every single show he played.
  7. When Walker is touring, he loves to find gyms to work out in or courts to play basketball. It’s one of his goals to grace the cover of Men’s Health Magazine.
  8. That’s something that could work out for him, as he does 200 sit-ups every single night before bed.
  9. Other hobbies include skateboarding, and he can juggle.
  10. His dream collaboration would be with Macklemore.
  11. Walker talks in his sleep, VERY loudly.
  12. He passes out if he has to give blood.
  13. Like everyone, Walker has his little quirks. One example is that he counts how many swipes of deodorant he puts on each arm.
  14. He hates odd numbers.
  15. AND he can do a “really cool” innie/outie belly button trick!


Walker’s also recently released the music video for his debut single ‘You Broke Up With Me’, which you can check out below:

Speaking about the track, Walker said: “A lot of people kind of showed up out of the woodwork after four or five years. Then they tried to make me feel guilty when I didn’t want to have coffee or something with them, and I’m like, ‘Man, you guys broke up with me!’”

To-date, the song has racked up an impressive 31 million streams and over 156,000 traditional sales, seeing the star featured in the likes of CMT and Pandora, before also being named as one of Rolling Stone’s Best of 2017 lists, and featuring as one of YouTube’s ‘Artists on the Rise’.

Unafraid to break down the traditional boundaries of genre, Walker really has a unique sound and talent which has to be heard to be understood. There’s nobody out there right now doing what Walker does, and that’s what makes us really excited about watching his career continue to progress. His future is a bright one, for sure.


Walker Hayes’ new album ‘boom.’ is officially released on Friday, December 8 via Monument/Sony Music.

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