Hailing from Birmingham Sleeka has a fast growing dedicated fan base. Well known among true grime fans he has collaborated on numerous tracks with artists such has Lady Leshurr, Vader and Trilla.

He has previously had support from 1 extra, new style and BBC Asian network.

Sleeka has impeccable timing, a distinctive voice and the ability to write lyrics that people truly relate to. One of the hardest working MCs in Birmingham his fan base is set to explode with the release of debut single Get Wavey in January 2013.

Sleeka has mainstream appeal, he is that rare commodity in the music industry - the full package.

Sleeka’s debut single Get Wavey is an infectious club track fusing a strong vocal hook from Alish, Sleeka’s distinctive flow, and genre melting production from production team Industry Vetz.

This electro / urban /club track has wide appeal and the potential to be a monster club smash.