When I was younger I was completely convinced that I was going to marry Tim Wheeler in a few years… unfortunately the introduction to Sebastian Vettel has knocked Tim down to the bottom of my list, but looking at the bands new video, he’s still looking rather foxy.

Anyway, enough about my celebrity crush and not my thoughts on this video; so it’s not Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, and looks as though they’ve just got some guy to film a gig in their local indie club (a far cry from the 1,000+ venues they must have played back in the day…. But I love it.

It finally shows a band ditching the make up and sets and just doing what they do best - playing live… and the song isn’t too bad either! But after being absent from the music scene for such a long time now, the question is whether the ‘old skool’ fans will still be there, of if we’re far too much into mindless MySpace bands in guy liner these days?

One thing’s for sure, Tim Wheeler is still looking (and sounding) delicious.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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