Will And The People

Will And The People

Will and the People will follow-up their debut release 'Knocking' with second single ‘Weirdos’ on 24th August.

‘Weirdos’ is a fun-packed mixture of ska and pop. Opening with a ska-embodied intro full of trumpets, beats and Will’s gritty vocals, it moves into a fully-fuelled pop chorus that quite simply, embodies the sound of summer. Or at least what the sound of summer should be. The ska beats make you feel like you’re MARCHING along, Will’s catchy vocals make it impossible not to SING along and by the finale of the chorus you are actually SHOUTING along with Will. It is infectious to say the least.

The video for ‘Weirdos’ follows the theme of the bands name with Will and his ‘people’. It shows Will gadding about London on a sunny day, persuading assorted waifs, strays and misfits to join his merry gang by means of his catchy pop tune, culminating in a house party gig full of weirdos. Just call him the modern day Pied Piper.

Growing up in a sleepy coastal town, the smart but easily bored Will Rendle was in and out of trouble until he found an outlet for his wayward energy. Inspired by his love of Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Police, and Californian ska-punk pioneers Sublime, the teenage Will started playing the guitar and writing songs.

Aged 18 he moved to Brighton and threw himself into the local live music scene, joining and leaving a succession of bands until he found the right people to play with him. A loose, fluid and incredibly engaging live unit, Will And The People’s ability to turn their gigs into happenings soon got the band noticed. As the buzz about them spread, the band landed themselves a recording deal within a few months of trying. They are now working on their debut album with producer Johnny Douglas.

Will And The People are currently touring the UK with both Girls Aloud and Paolo Nutini and will be appearing at festivals across the UK this summer including Glastonbury, T in the Park and Oxegen.