The Franks

The Franks

The Franks are Jon, Kaleb and Tane. A Gritty Pop Soul Trio fresh out of London who will be releasing their debut single, Lies on 12th March.

This will be followed with a second single and the release of their album ‘Love Drunk Soul’ later in the year. The band have already built a strong live fan base playing regular gigs at venues including, Ronnie Scotts, Café De Paris and Madame JoJos - they will be announcing a series of exciting UK dates in the coming months.

Lies is a hard-hitting pop soul track. It's catchy and fronted by Kaleb who has the gritty soul voice. The echoes are harmonised by Jon and Tane.

The song reveals the anger Kaleb is facing towards his ex-girlfriend. It tells the story of how she has had a hold over him and how the past relationship wasn't real. It also reveals the emotion and passion he still feels for her.

Kelab commented: "Lies is a song about the one you love betraying you it’s a very raw and honest track and deals with issues I think most of us have been through at some point in our lives.

"We love playing it live - it has a certain edge to it that really comes out in a gig environment. I also think it’s a great introduction to us as a band, it showcases all of our voices and hopefully gives people a taste of what’s to come!"

Jon, Kaleb and Tane had been performing individually for several years as musicians. Jon played the piano, Kaleb the guitar and Tane the Drums.

Their union was a little unexpected as they were all from very different parts of the globe. Jon was from Essex, Kaleb was from Newcastle and Tane from New Zealand.

However, their passion for Gospel, Soul and Motown music brought them together.

In 2009, The Franks met through a Gospel Choir performance in London. They then went on to jam together and later that year, were discovered by a music manager, at a rehearsal studio in Kings Cross.

Kaleb, Jon and Tane discovered that when they just sang together they were creating a big Soul sound. They each went on to front a track with the other two singers echoing sections, splitting the songs into three part harmonies.

They developed their contemporary, vibrant, commercial music, keeping the influence of 60s soul. Their sounds are reminiscent of The Four Seasons, The Four Tops along with the Pop Soul grooves of Duffy and Winehouse.