Boy George

Boy George

Boy George has once again proven why he’s one of the oddest men in music (and it’s not because of the Dipsy Tellytubby hates either) after admitting to having a soft spot for both Mat Horne and Man Utd player Nemanja Vidic.

That’s not the worst part though, he also claimed that out favourite pop tart Lady GaGa asked him to sign her “fanny.“ Fanny?!?! Who even uses that word anymore?

Georgey boy then goes on to ramble on about being in prison and how rubbish it was that “It was a lot less fashion…hoodies are banned.” Crikey, and here I was thinking prison was the place to go for all next season’s trends.

Have a watch of the video and let us know if you think he’s as bonkers as we do.

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