Climate change charity Global Cool hung out at the V Festival last weekend as part of its ‘Do it in Public’ summer tour around the UK and as part of their plan to encourage festival goers to use public transport they had a quick natter with Jet.

As we struggle to cope with climate change, Global Cool has proven that helping the environment can be, well, cool and trendy. What’s more, audience travel makes up two thirds of a festival’s carbon footprint so, if everyone going to V Festival travelled from London to Chelmsford in a coach instead of a Renault, the carbon saving is equivalent to 1.7 million cans of lager, 12 million showers and 3 million mobile charges. Brilliant!

As Global Cool try to encourage more people to use public transport, the GC Bus has been parked at numerous festivals this summer, and has provided shelter for festival-goers as a place they can chill out, have fun and draw all over it, creating a mobile canvas that will be complete by the end of the summer. The bus has already been to T in the Park, Download and Wireless with V Festival being the last and final stop on the journey.

What’s more, the team at Global Cool have been talking to bands and artists at V about their favourite journeys, what they listen to on the road, who their fantasy tour bus guests would be and what their views are on the environment. From the sublime to the ridiculous, with green in between!

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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