Over the past few years we've been having a blast with our fans, and trying to keep it fresh or new. We didn't wanna get old. We don't want it to get old.

I know that the five of us...we're not going to do it if it's not something new and exciting to us. We've been able to do that. In that thinking, we've feeded off each other. One group does a few songs, the other does a few. It's very energetic - it's worked.

-Last year, Brian said that he'd been writing new material with Donny. Can we expect more from the supergroup in the future?
I don't know. Right now, we're looking forward to this tour. You know, you've got two groups, each group has its plans and aspirations - and then, within those two groups, you have 9 individuals that have careers, families and dreams.

Right now, there's nothing on the table for both groups together. What we've done here, so far, is really special. We hold it in high regard - whatever it is, we want to keep it that way. All doors are open, so we'll see.

-Along with the tour, you've also got your annual New Kids On the Block cruise. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Well, I guess this is number four - it sold out in minutes and it's becoming it's own little phenomenom, the New Kids Cruise. It's a blast - it's a microcosm of the New Kids nation, and what we do.

People have taken four days out of their life to fly to Miami, get on a boat and have the time of their lives. It's a blast, but we take it very seriously. We want it to be fulfilling and special.

We sit around, every time we put another one sale, like...is it still gonna sell out? It keeps selling out faster. Than we think...how can we top that? It's a fun little chapter in the New Kids story.

-Are you excited to bring the NKOTBSB tour to the UK?
Oh, of course! We're thrilled. We've been so fortunate to do what we're doing. To bring it to the UK is a whole different energy. Being from the States, we know what it was like for our fans there...I think it's going to be heightened.

I know the Backstreet Boys have spent a lot more time there than we have. I think that's going to add to the excitement, and bring out more New Kids fans because of that as well. It's like a snowball. We feed off each other, it's really cool. It becomes one fanbase, once the tour starts.

Female First - Alistair McGeorge (Follow me on Twitter @AlistairMcG)