One of the greatest children’s films of all time; The Never Ending Story is being re-released on 18 August for the kids of the millennium generation, and with it come a new recording of the theme song by the fabulous Limahl.We caught up with the 80’s pop star to find out about the latest Kajagoogoo runion, why he’s like a retro vase on antiques road show and most importantly, why Boy George needs to lose weight!

Never Ending Story is set to be re-released and you’ve once again recorded the title track, are you a huge fan of the film?
I’ve only ever seen the film twice, I saw it in the 80’s and then I watched it again recently, but if I was brutally honest I wouldn’t say I am a huge film. I’m a huge fan of the song though!
What was your favourite kids film?
Oh boy, I knew one journalist would have a question I wasn’t ready for and you just presented it! Okay, if I had to pick, it would be The Jungle Book. I know that there is animation and special effects in The Never Ending story but in terms of kids films on of my earliest memories is of The Jungle Book.
Do you think The Never Ending Story will be as successful this time round?
I think the people who loved the film the first time around - who are probably grown up parents by now - will want it in their collection but what they’ll probably do is play it to their children so they will start a new generation of love for the film

I know effects have come a long way since then, but it is a good story and you can get films with fantastic effects but basically the film is rubbish, at the bottom of it all there is a good story which really can enrapture you.

The author was quite the writer of children’s books and was very successful and this was the best selling book of all time in Germany which is why it was made into a film.

If you were to go on a magical adventure like those that happen in kids stories, where would you go?

Probably space, I’m fascinated by it, I can’t get enough of it. The whole unknown is just an enigma and is quite fascinating.

What have you been up to over the past few years?

In the 90’s I was writing and producing and I had a recording studio, then in 1997 the whole 80’s revival kicked in and I started getting loads of phone calls to perform which was a really pleasant surprise, and I hadn’t performed for about 15 years and I was absolutely terrified and it took me quite a while to get my confidence back, but now I feel like quite a veteran! I have been performing for the past 10 years around the world at things like an 80’s party, festival, weekend or even a corporate event with and 80’s theme, I’ve just done loads!

Now I’m back with Kajagoogoo so I’ve got all that going on and I just think we’ve all gained a bit more value and we’re sort of like a retro vase on antiques roadshow; as the years have gone by we have gained a bit more value, it feels so nice to be appreciated.

What’s been your favourite place that you’ve been able to visit thanks to you being a musician?

Great questions by the way! That’s a really tough one, I could be happy in an empty field or I could be in my element on fifth avenue in New York and they’re all valid and all exciting. I suppose certain things that have happened historically will always make the visit to the twin towers incredibly memorable. Lets see, I remember the first time I went to Japan, I loved that because I was taller than everyone! I’m only 5’7 but in Japan that’s good!

I also have a soft spot for Las Vegas!

The band announced a reunion in February how is that going?

Really well, much better than I anticipated! We’re all coming up to 50 now and I think we’ve realised this is not a rehearsal and I think one of the reasons it’s working is because everyone wants to do it and there’s a genuine excitement and we we’ve got a lot of things going on; there’s a tour of Germany in November and we’ve just played a big concert in Denmark with Nik Kershaw and Kim Wilde and we’re going to do a big open-air festival in Poland in two weeks and then we’re back for out first UK gig at Retrofest in Scotland at the end of August and it’s just really exciting! We’re doing what we love - making music!

I think the really exciting thing for us is that we’re writing new material for out EMI Retrospect album next year and I’ve just been with the guys for about four weeks working on lyrics and melodies and stuff like that and it’s all coming together really nicely.

It seems to be the year for band reunions, who has been your favourite this year?

It would have to be Take That because their new stuff is just fantastic! They’re almost better now than they was before because they’ve matured a bit now and the emphasis is more on the music than the screaming fans. It was like that for Kajagoogoo for a while; the screaming was so loud that they weren’t even listening to the music.

Are you excited for playing Retrofest?

Very excited! When you can connect with a live audience and you get that immediate response it’s just great. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s fun in the studio and it’s great creating things and wondering what to do with certain melodies but when you get out in front of an audience and get that applause and see people smiling and touch people’s hands and everyone is standing there with their camera phone so they can put it on YouTube next day and I’m thinking ‘No close-ups!’

Who are you most excited about seeing at the event?

Boy George; he’s a real maverick! I hope he’s lost weight though, I don’t like him fat! He’s always been very nice to me when I’ve met him in the past, he always blows me a kiss and says ‘Hey Limahl!’ in his style! I don’t mean to namedrop but he’s lovely and he’s got that lovely gravely voice and he’s great but I do prefer him slimmer! I think perhaps I’m saying this because I want the message to get to him in an ever so subtle way!

Okay, I’ll just get on the phone and say ‘Lose weight bitch!’ So who are you a big fan of within the music industry today?

Probably the same people that all the other musicians look up to; Stevie Wonder, Prince and I’m still a big Diana Ross fan! I also love Celine Dion, I took my mum to watch her in Las Vegas, is that cheesy or what?

No way! I love her!

Do you?! Thank god you said that, everyone thinks she a bit corny but I still love her, I know she’s a bit cheesy but she’s a hell of a singer and what an interesting life she’s having!

I’m also listening to some different things on my iPod at the moment, I’ve got The Scissor Sisters and The Feeling and I quite like Michael Buble.

Is there anyone you don’t particularly like; who makes you turn off the radio?

Yeah, but I’m not going to say it on record! I know it will haunt me for years and I’ll probably bump into him! Oh no! Now you know it’s a man.

But I’ll tell you who I do like…Amy Winehouse and all those 50’s style singers like Duffy, I absolutely love Warwick Avenue!

What would you be doing now if the band hadn’t reformed?

Probably just working on some solo stuff, however, it’s not as much fun as working with the whole band! When you hire session musicians they just come along they get their fee and they want to bugger off! There’s a real camaraderie when you’re part of a band, and part of a team!

I am really glad that we’ve resolved all our issues and I’m really looking forward to doing more and more work with them!

We ask everyone we interview to come up with a question for the next person we interview....and Eliza Dolittlewants to know; “What is your favourite food?”

Vegetarian! Anything vegetarian and non-spicy! I proper love toast and marmalade too!

And what would you like to ask my next interviewee?

What is your favourite colour?

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