Misha B

Misha B

Misha B burst onto the music scene last year when she made the live finals of X-Factor but now she is back and ready to release her debut single.

I caught up with her to chat about Home Run as well as the debut album and what she has coming up this summer.

- Home Run is your debut single so what can fans expect for the track?

Well Home Run actually started out as a ballad and I went into the studio and worked off that vibe. Strangely enough the ballad was quite a sad one and so we slipped it up.

The song is about the kind of a relationship that we have all been in - it’s almost like a kid in a candy shop type thing. For me it was about a special someone who got me so excited that I let myself go but in a good way.

- Well I have been reading that you had written this track originally as a ballad so when and why did you decide not to go down the ballad path?

Well it wasn’t a major decision it was just something that I had stuck in my head the day that I went into the studio with the producer.

He actually started building the beat and I went in and muttered out the words ‘baby I don’t know what you have done but you have hit a home run’ and he was like ‘that is the chorus’ but I was like ‘well I don’t know’.

But in the end it stuck and it really did work so we just kind of worked from there.

- This is perhaps not the kind of track that everyone would have expected you to release as there are some reggae and soul sounds on the track so how would you describe the sound of the single?

Yeah it’s a bit of everything and I do feel like it does go with the concept of the song. For me it really does feel exciting.

- As I said it’s a sound that is a little different to what may have been expected so how did you end up taking your sound down this path?

We went into the studio with open minds really and we just went where we thought it was going to go.

I didn’t know that it was going to be single - we didn’t go into the studio planning that this was going to be the single.

- How did you find stepping into the studio?

Well I actually spent time in the studio before I went on X-Factor but going back into the studio after X-Factor really was exciting.

- There is also a debut album on the horizon so what can we expect from that? How does Home Run introduce us to the rest of the record?

Well Home Run is just once chapter of the record and I do feel that the album is going to be different musical genres that are displayed through different concepts; it’s going to be different chapter of my life.

- So how hands on have you been in the writing, recording and producing of the album?

Everything is more or less collaboration in every sense. Some days I came with ideas and other days I got ideas from the producer but being involved is everything to me.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong performing songs that you have not written but for me to be able to connect with the song it has to have some kind of meaning to me.

- Naughty Boy and TMS are just two of the high profile producers that have produced the album so how did these collaborations come about and what were you looking for in your producers?

In terms of the look I wanted to go in with different producers and just get a feel for different types of music because I am still learning and I am growing. It’s just exciting to be able to experiment with different genres.

In terms of picking producers my head of label threw out a few names and many of the producers wanted to work with me so that was really exciting.

- Together they have worked for the likes of Emeli Sande and Wretch 32 so what did their experiences bring to the record?

With TMS, I love those guys, some days we would be sat crying and getting really emotional while we were writing a song and then the next day we would be dancing from wall to wall with excitement and laughter writing another song - so it was a bit of everything.

Then working with Naughty Boy I love him and the vibe that he created in the studio as it was all about getting that epicness out.

- And it has been quite some time since we saw you on X-Factor so how much was it a conscious decision to take you time in putting out your first record rather than just getting it out there as quickly as possible?

There is no rush when it comes to music especially when you have got something to say.

I put out a mix tape in April, which was a free download, and that was just a way of saying thank you to my fans as well as giving them a little taste of what is to come. So it was just about taking my time really and honing the craft.

- How would you sum up your X-Factor experience when you look back on it now? And what did you learn about yourself as an artist during your time on the show?

I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses as an artist and leaning towards my strengths. But also not be afraid to try new things.

- You have signed with Relentless Records so what was it that interested you about this label?

I had an instant connection with head of my label and I just felt like he got me and he understood that it was not about rushing but it was about the music.

- What’s coming up for you have you any live shows planned?

I have quite a few shows coming up and the first is at Yoyo’s and that is on the 12th July. I also have a performance at GAY on 14th and then I have tour coming up but the dates are yet to be revealed.

- How excited are you at getting out on the road as yourself and showcasing your music?

I can’t wait (laughs) I absolutely can’t wait. Every time I think about it I’m like ‘aaarrrrrgh’ I just can’t wait for it to happen.

I love being in the studio but I absolutely love performing and feeling the energy in the room and getting to interact with my fans.

- Well you have played a couple of live shows already so how have the new tracks been going down with them?

Amazing. I remember performing at the Queen’s Jubilee alongside Pixie Lott and all the songs that I performed were new songs and the crowd reacted really really well.

Misha B’s debut single Home Run is out now


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