Sneakbo’s had the honour of being Drake’s favourite UK rapper even before releasing his debut album and is a part of the new wave of UK hiphop currently on the rise.

His debut single The Wave was given support by Radio 1 and broke in to the charts completely independently and after clocking up over 17 and a half million views on his YouTube channel he’s hoping for even more success with Zim Zimma.


So, what can you tell us about your new single Zim Zimma?

Well, basically, it’s a party song. So hopefully you’re going to be hearing it loads in clubs and on the islands in the summer time.

What was it like working with Ill Blue on the track?

I’ve worked with him before so it was really good. He knows exactly the type of sound I like, so we vibe really well in the studio.

When your last single The Wave was taking off, you were in jail. What was that like?

That was stressful. I was just thinking my career might be getting wasted for being in jail and I was losing out. The Wave was doing really well at the time and if I was out, then it probably would have do even better. I was a bit upset.

What’s it like hearing you’re Drake’s favourite UK rapper?

That’s overwhelming. Drake’s a big superstar in America so for him to notice me, and I’m only just coming up, it makes me proud. I was just happy when I heard that.

You also supported Rick Ross earlier this year, what was that like?

That was great as well, the crowds were big. I didn’t know how they were going to respond to me, but they responded really well.

You also design clothes, how’s that been going for you?

That started about 8 months ago and it’s been going really well. Right now I’ve only got t-shirts and jumpers, but by next year I’ll have stuff for girls, more colours and more designs.

And where did the whole Jetski Wave thing come from, it’s all over your stuff?

I was just in my room, and I don’t know how else to say it, but it just came in my head. I liked it, so I’ve stuck with it.

You were brought up in Briston, how much influence has that had on your music?

That’s had the most influence. Because I grew up in Brixton I grew up around a lot of Jamaicans. So whenever I partied the type of music they were playing was bashment, and that’s influenced my music and I’ve done a lot of bashment. I’m trying to change that to dance because I believe their both the same type of sound but a little bit different.

So, finishing up, how’s progress going on the new album and what’s next for you?

The album’s getting worked on right now. I was meant to release it at the start of the year, but now I’m thinking it might be the middle or end of next year. I’m going to be releasing a new EP in the next couple of months.

I haven’t got a date or name yet, but hopefully planning to release it in December. Apart from that, I’m just doing shows. For the new EP, I’m going to do all the videos and hopefully that will get me even more shows as there’s a couple of party tunes on there.


Sneakbo’s new single Zim Zimma is out November 4th.

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