You've teamed up with BT for the Digital Champions Scheme, why did you choose this campaign to get involved with?

Basically, they're calling on young people across the UK to take part in this BT Digital Champions, and I feel like it'll help people learn more and know more about technology - especially the older generation.

How can people get involved with the scheme?

People are rewarded with tickets to a show at Wembley Arena in July, and people can ask their schools because most schools are involved.

Students and schools can find out more information about BT Digital Champions and how to get involved with the scheme by visiting the website:

What have you personally been up to recently in regards to your music?

Basically I've just finished a new EP that I'm bringing out called 'Possession With Intent', and we've got some amazing features on it like the likes of Eric Bellinger - he's from L.A., and we've got The Movement - yeah, it's an interesting EP.

It's more of an, I wouldn't say urban sound but I'd say it's more of an 'Angel sound', as opposed to everything else that you've heard?

How would you say you've evolved as an artist since we started hearing stuff from you?

I just feel like I've been listening to the greats, good music every day, going out learning things, seeing different things and putting that into my stories and in my learning curves and experiences, so that's it really, and you'll hear that through the music I think, more than anything.

So has music always been something you've been passionate about?

Yeah, I started from as far as I can remember actually, but my dad's been a major influence in my career and my life. He used to play with all the reggae artists that came over from Jamaica in the late 80's to the late 90's, then he gave all that up to look after me and pursue my career with me.

But yeah it's always been something I've been into. Being in a household full of music you can't do nothing but feel that passion and that love so I think that's where it all comes from.

I was going to ask what are some of your earliest music-based memories?

Yeah, I grew up in a house full of reggae music and stuff, and I built that love up and as soon as I was flexible to go and explore my horizons, listening to other music, that's why I got into the whole soul and R&B and all the classical stuff, and started learning about different genres.

That's where I think I get my sound from, it's like a pop-fusion - loads of elements of different genres mixed up, so I call it a pop-fusion.

I don't feel like that there should be loads of different genres of music, I just feel like there should be two genres - good and bad - and then there'd be no problem.

As you mentioned you've got some features on your upcoming EP, but if you could choose to work with anyone you haven't yet worked with, who would it be and why?

I'd like to work with Quincy Jones because for me he's the greatest musician of all time. He's like the music Bible, in that sense, and there's a hundred million things I'd ask him to learn, because he's a genius. With his skills and his knowledge I just feel like everyone would be great!

Who are you listening to right now?

Right now it's varied, but I'm listening to an album called 'AM', which came out last year - the Arctic Monkeys, I'm listening to Drake, The Weeknd, I'm listening to - you know what I've been listening to a lot more English music as well this year because I feel like there's a lot of things being buried that are coming out of the grass, and it's talent. Don't forget we always listen to the stuff outside of the UK that's always loud and always in your face, but I think talent over here gets covered up because no-one's really paying attention, but I've been listening to a load of talent over here, and it's a big deal.

Finally do you have any other projects going on that you can share some details about?

Yeah, I've got another project over in Nigeria that I've started with an artist, who's a really big artist over there and we've made an EP called 'The Best Of Both Worlds', and that's going really well over there. We put out a song called 'Rise Up' over there and that's doing really well, we're just about to shoot a video for that, and go over there and promote that and start doing some shows.

I've got a few movie parts coming up that I'm working out right now, and I've got a programme that I'm doing called 'The Key For Life' where I go around to different prisons and talk to prisoners and stuff, and kind of give them hope and let them know it doesn't matter where you're coming from, it's fate and you can actually switch things around when you're in that position.

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