After a six-year hiatus, Calvin Goldspink is back with his brand new single, The Cold
After a six-year hiatus, Calvin Goldspink is back with his brand new single, The Cold

Following a six-year hiatus, singer, actor and all-round entertainer, Calvin Goldspink has returned to the music scene, today (November 20th) dropping his second new single of 2020.

To celebrate the release, we got the chance to chat to the former S Club 8 member all about his latest tune, his time in the showbiz industry to-date and much more!

Here’s what he had to say… 

Tell us a little bit about life in the past six years! We've not seen you for so long...

I’ve been busy living in LA! I started a company that specialises in showcasing the hottest emerging artists through our platform - Breaking Sound. 

Before the pandemic, our team had grown it to 60+ shows running monthly across the US and UK. We can’t wait to resume. 

In the mean time, we have expanded operations to internet radio with Breaking Sound Radio playing 24/7, 365 days a year worldwide. 

You can download and listen in on the iOS and Android apps, or on Alexa simply by saying "Alexa play Breaking Sound Radio”, or through the website at

What should fans expect from your new music, such as your new single The Cold?

I’ve had lots of time to develop musically since my first EP release in 2014. I’ve really been enjoying experiencing life and learning new ways to be creative and express myself. 

The Cold is a teaser release leading up to a brand-new EP I'm currently working on here in the UK. 

I’m exploring electronica and big hooks for this next one, moving away from the guitars… I want to have tunes that can blast at festivals and really get stuck in your head.

Music has been a huge lifesaver for people in lockdown; what have you been listening to in the past few months?

I get to discover so much music through my platform Breaking Sound. Picking anyone in particular is very hard but Mansionair, NoMBe, Theophilus London, Tame Impala are a few on repeat currently!

If you had the chance to collaborate with anybody, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

LCD Sound System would be very fun. I saw them live in LA and they blew my socks off!

Who would you note as some of your biggest influences and inspirations for your music?

I grew up on The Eagles, lots of Motown and soul. That coupled with everything I’m exposed to now on the more electronic side certainly gives me lots of inspiration.

What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in your career in the industry to-date?

Really finding my footing in the industry. From coming out of a very controlled inner circle like S Club, where everything is done for you, to suddenly having to steer and navigate the entire ship yourself was definitely a big change.

Calvin Goldspink says his new single is about
Calvin Goldspink says his new single is about "learning from the mistakes" that leave you "stuck in a rut"

You obviously joined the business at a young age; how difficult (or easy) was that experience for you in your teen years?

I loved everything I did as a kid. I hated the dancing choreography part though; I was always terrible at memorising the routines! 

But we got to do so many amazing things, it was definitely the best music school I could have gone to.

What advice would you have for others who may just be breaking into the industry?

Be authentic! If you want to make something happen take it seriously and go through the steps and challenges to make it happen.

You're not just a singer, but an actor too; tell us a little bit about the acting side of your career and why you decided to venture into it.

We did a show called I Dream on BBC with Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) towards the end of the S Club days. After that I met some talent managers in the States and kind of fell into it. 

I pretty much booked the first role I auditioned for which was the US version of Wild at Heart from ITV. It was on The CW and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. 

I got to live in South Africa for a year. It was epic.

If you could become a part of any TV show currently running, which would you choose?

I’m a bit of a space nerd so I would love to get on Star Trek or any Ridley Scott film.

Have you been binging anything in lockdown?

The Mandalorian and Raised by Wolves.

Finally, following the single what should fans expect from you in the near-future?

As mentioned, I’m busy writing and recording right now, so I’m excited to start putting out more music more consistently into 2021!

Calvin's new single The Cold is out now. For more information visit:

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